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Whether you want to deploy AKS on Azure, EKS on Amazon, or KinD for a local playground, the DevOps Stack has you covered with ready-to-go Terraform modules.

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Defined as Code

The DevOps Stack is based on Open Source Terraform modules so you get a declarative, convergent Kubernetes platform, leveraging the Infrastructure as Code approach.

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Continuously Deployed

At the core of the DevOps Stack, ArgoCD manages applications and deploys them continually to the Kubernetes cluster. We also include a collection of CI/CD pipeline libraries you can use with GitLab or GitHub Actions to set up a GitOps workflow for your entire Kubernetes infrastructure.

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With the integration of state-of-art Observability tools, you can easily keep an eye on both your Kubernetes platform, and the applications running on it.

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From Zero to Hero, in a few lines a code

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Wherever you are in your Cloud Native journey, you can either dive straight into the technical documentation, or contact us for a demo or a consulting session.