Kind Quickstart


  • Access to a functional Docker Engine,

  • Knowledge of Terraform basics

  • Minimal Terraform version: 0.14

  • jq binary

  • argocd CLI

Create your Terraform root module

Camptocamp’s DevOps Stack is instantiated using a Terraform composition module.

Here is a minimal working example:

# terraform/

module "cluster" {
  source = "git::"

  cluster_name = "my-cluster"

If your docker setup doesn’t support the bridge0 like on MacOSX, you cannot access to the container IP so the computed base domain isn’t reachable.

Deploy the cluster

$ terraform init
$ terraform apply

You should see the services URL as Terraform outputs.

Wait for Keycloak to be ready

$ kubectl -n keycloak get sts
keycloak   1/1     8m58s

Wait until the READY column says 1/1.

Access the Keycloak dashboard

The keycloak dashboard uses the devops-stack realm. You can log in to it using the /auth/realms/devops-stack/account/ path with the Keycloak ingress.

Destroy the cluster

$ terraform destroy